Payment on mobile, a new target of cybercrime

Female hands using mobile banking on smart phone

the latest report from Kaspersky jacket Vietnam showed for the first time, electronic financial threat is in the top 10 malicious programs designed to steal money.

Accordingly, two electronic banking trojan Faketoken line and Marcher that Kaspersky has just discovered are in the top 10 of the year 2015 Bank trojan.

These programs belonging to the Marcher-line specialized trojan steals your billing information from Android devices.

Meanwhile, the malicious program from Faketoken family operated with a trojan on the computer. Users tricked install applications on smartphone, this essentially block the confirmation code 1 (mTAN). Marcher just watched the launch 2 applications after infection the equipment: electronic banking application of European banking and Google Play. When users open Google Play, Marcher will show a fake window required to enter credit card information. Similar trojan is also used when the user uses the application to the Bank.

Malicious software is most used in the world before, ZeuS was the new malware is Dyzap/Dyreza/Dyre dethroned. More than 40% of the attack from the banking trojan made in 2015 is Dyreza using its effective way to infect the web to steal data and access to the online banking system.

Kaspersky Lab said: “in the year 2015, cyber criminals to focus time and resources on developing malicious programs on the mobile device. This is nothing strange, when millions of people around the world currently use smartphone for payment of goods and services. Based on current trends, we can conclude that, in the coming year, the number of malicious programs aimed at e-banking will even so much more “.

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