The Bank boosted tax payments Online

On 28-3, the Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) said it aims to raise the quality of service, increased utility for customers, the ACB has collaborated with the General Department of taxation to promote tax payment on the online bank-ACB Online with tax payment service called OTax.

With the utilities on, businesses only need to have your payment account in ACB can query and the payment of taxes with a simple and quick procedure, pay taxes anytime anywhere, even on vacation, holidays.

According to the Bank representatives, with the building program dedicated to the work of State budget revenues, the ACB of non-stop efforts to further increase the convenience of value for customers.
How to use Otax service as follows:
Access to the online banking of ACB (ACB Online):;
Select the online tax: tax information query;
Register online: tax transaction commands in transactions recorded on the signing of the order transaction on the ACB Online.

Close monitoring of online banking transactions

Director of information technology, the State Bank Le Manh Hung said has asked credit organisations to deploy solutions that guide customers using online banking services, security and close monitoring to promptly detect the suspicious transactions, fraud …

According to Mr. Le Manh Hung, the last time the State Bank (SBV) regularly directs the credit institutions, institutions providing payment services and payment intermediary organizations to enhance the safety, security for the payment service.
In the NH services, besides the development of aim, the SBV also realize the potential risks from the network service provider. To ensure the safety of the information systems to provide services and for customers, the SBV has studied, issued several guidance documents related to deploy units of service NH electronics ensure safety.
SBV is also the regular clue receiving warnings about security vulnerabilities, the risk of loss of security of information technology systems from the institutions to the analysis, warning, directed the whole industry in unit test , reviewing and timely solution, avoid not to happen the phenomena of losing safe.

Regarding the recent incident when the cardholder, the account owner was leaked the information when online transactions, no transactions were still losing money and network security crime increase marks, Mr. Le Manh Hung said the SBV had written warnings about attacking crime situation the information technology system and the requirement to ensure safety, security for online payment services.
Accordingly, credit institutions, institutions providing payment services and payment intermediary institutions have to focus test, review the ATM network; proactive monitoring, timely information is the reflection of public opinion about the problems arising for ATM operations of the unit. Solution guide customers using services of NH online safety, security. Closely monitor the transactions to timely detect suspicious transaction, frauds based on the determination of time, geographical location, frequency of transactions, transaction amount, number of times wrong authentication rules … to proactively prevent , warning to customers.
SBV requires the units assigned directly to 24/7 officers monitor, monitor activities and of the information technology system important to promptly detect and handle the security flaw, the unauthorized access , the attack (if any).
Information Technology Bureau leader also said that the service was electronic and NH will is the development trend of the service in the future. And to use the services of NH electronics, customers need security information on name, password login services NH. Not provide the above information for any object (including the NH staff) via phone, email, social networking …
Protect your phone or mobile device when using the device for the NH services online such as: install software to prevent malicious code; set authentication when accessed with a password or fingerprint.

Online banking service (I2B Wholesale)

General introduction
You, you and you have the diverse financial needs meet? Go to the online banking services of VPBank support you. Whether you are where and whenever, just have the computer connected to the internet, you can completely make the work on the easy way, quickly.
Benefits | Frequently asked questions | Contact
Online banking service large corporate clients give the customer a lot of Add-ons. Use the online banking service large corporate clients, clients can perform almost all banking transactions, including:
VPBank internal money transfers
Inter-bank transfers
International money transfer
Recurring payment
Bill payment
Payment of wages according to the list
Single wage payment
Domestic and foreign payments in batches
Investigation of online transactions
Query information
In particular, the online bank of VPBank apply digital signature technology (CA), modern technology and the best security available today.

Save time: businesses save more time than getting to the Bank for the transaction.
Cost savings: only with the computer has Internet access, easy to use business online banking without setting any compatible software. Fee incentives for online transactions
User-friendly interface and easy to use
High security: the Bank Is a pioneer in the use of digital signature technology, online banking for large KHDN ensures the business will secure about security when making the transaction.

BIDV Online-the online banking services for individuals

BIDV Online is the online banking services of the BANK is to help individuals manage accounts and perform transactions with the BANK via the Internet or on Mobile applications without the need to go to the trading Desk.
Now, customers can access the service through BIDV Online application installed on your mobile device or the web browser on mobile, Tablet PCs to experience the convenience of room service.

1. the remarkable utility:
-Transactions anywhere, anytime over the Internet, or download applications through the Mobile without the need to Bank
-Security safe with two-factor authentication system
-More features to transfer money online, paid utilities, send money online to save time and increase operational efficiency to manage your personal account.
2. product features:
-Use objects: customers are individuals who Vietnam or alien Member payment deposit in VND at the BANK.
-Two packages of services: financial or non financial Package.
-BANK Services Online features:
Quick money transfer: to transfer the money in the BANK/money transfer system in water/fast money transfer 24/7/interbank funds transfer orders on the future (banks list see here)
Send/withdraw money Online with attractive interest rates: term deposit online with higher interest rate 0.1% versus the USD interest rates typically in the transaction (term of under 12 months); Online term withdrawals each part or all parts
Bill payment
Each payment times: money, money, water, telecommunication charges, ADSL, air tickets, recharge your phone all the telecommunication network in Vietnam, Ph electronic wallet Refill Mart, VTC Pay-per-view, Cyber Pay; Load the card game of VinaGame, Guide, Mcash, Gate, …
Periodic payment order: water, electricity, telecommunication, television (VTV Cab), tuition. (The list of service providers, please refer to here)
Sale of foreign currency Online: allows the customer to have an individual payments in foreign currency in the BANK is made to sell foreign currencies, USD on your account at the BANK in the period from 8:30 to 16:30 on working with transaction rate is the rate of listed on the website. The currency the customer may sell include all money purchase transfer listed on the website of the BANK and according to the forms TODAY (on transfer of money coincides with the transaction).
Lookup information: punches the payment account, deposit, loan, checkbook; News Advisory Bank information (fees, exchange rate, interest rate).
Other add-ons: request account statements issued, cheque, credit card, ATM card; Request loan disbursements, repayments on loans, loan registration online; Investigation request money order
3. conditions of registration and how to register
+ Client do not have an account at the BANK: please go to branches/offices to sign up for the service. The records include: ID CARD/passport validity
+ Client has had an account at the BANK: register online at
Registration Guide online here.
+ Client transfer package for the BANK to Finance African Online BANK Online at Financial transactions or online at