Add more incentives from E-Banking service for free

Personal customers using E-banking services of Techcombank will enjoy many incentives

From July 4-5, when to offer at the large branch of Techcombank will experience E-Banking service is free with the opportunity to receive one of 8,000 gifts are t-shirts or helmet (time details and a list of branch will be updated on website: This is the latest incentives are for customers, Techcombank after “free E-Banking program” was implemented last month from 9-2016 get a lot of positive support.

Not only has the gift part waiting for individual clients, using the E-banking service of Techcombank will enjoy many superior incentives, such as free of the entire online transaction costs in and out of Techcombank. Open free account management, and the use of E-Banking Services (details about the promotion, please contact our Callcenter (toll free) 1800 588 822; or Vietnam Techcombank fanpage website). Quick money transfer free 24/7 through your account or other bank cards.
“E-banking program for free” has received positive feedback and bring joy to millions of customers who are using the online banking services of Techcombank. With the concept “Because sharing is happy”, the E-banking service of Techcombank always helps customers implement electronic payment transactions in a quick, convenient, and especially clients no longer have to worry about the cost. This is a good news for anyone who needs money transfers and payments regularly.

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