ACB shaking hands with MoMo promote mobile payment

(NLĐO)-Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) and M_Service company (owner of MoMo brand) signed a strategic cooperation to promote mobile payment in Vietnam.

Accordingly, customers can use electronic banking channels ACB ACB’s Online can make the link with the ACB account For MoMo to experience the shopping features and payment with just a touch on the smart phone application MoMo of his own.
This strategic partnership is that the efforts of the ACB and MoMo help users reach the shopping form, payments to save time and boost spending habits don’t use cash. Specifically, on the online banking channel ACB Online, the ACB’s clients only need a single account linked to the ACB For MoMo is able to load, withdraw cash free of charge from For MoMo to ACB account and vice versa.
As soon as the link is successful, easily choosing the source of money for shopping and payment of more than 200 daily utility services on MoMo as buy movie tickets, plane tickets, bus tickets, e-Voucher of NhomMua payments, consumer loans paying The Coffe House, Gogi, Kichi Kichi, pay can tho co.op Mart supermarket LotteMart, District 7, paying taxi … The application also reminds the payment rate constant MoMo, essential services such as electricity, water, internet, cable tv, telephone help customers always pay on time.

Ms. Le Van Anh, Deputy Director of Carved blocks of individual client cum head of electronic banking (ACB), said the customers only need to have your payment account in the ACB, the link for will be done quickly on the ACB Online. Cooperation links between the ACB and the payment account For MoMo will bring many benefits, convenience and quick for the customer in the payment is not cash.
Meanwhile, Nguyen Manh Tuong, Deputy General Director of MoMo, said with the desire to minimize the risks, inconvenience of cash form, MoMo effort created a mobile payment form, fit and modern social trend. Customers can skip the traditional wallet back home and out on the street with the smartphone to go to the supermarket, drinking coffee or see the entertainment, food and drink …
According to experts, the development trend and the explosion of the fintech companies (company business financial services based on technology platforms) are competing with the banking industry. But in fact, besides the confrontation and competition, many banks have chosen cooperation trends to exploit maximum benefits for customers.
He Played from advancing, Deputy General Director of ACB, also see, the ACB chose to shake hands with a company like fintech Momo to help the ACB to better serve its customers in the region where remote areas where banking network have yet to reach.

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