10 most dangerous malicious code

Before malicious code outbreak of WannaCry, names such as Zbot, SpyEye, Ice IX, the Citadel is the most dangerous ransomware, spread across many machines around the world.

Before the advent of WannaCry, the names of the “family” malicious code such as Zeus Zeus Gameover, SpyEye … have the potential to create the botnet, strong infection for computers worldwide and is considered the most dangerous ransomware.

Zeus, also known as Zbot, is a dangerous trojan, infecting Windows users. They try to retrieve the secret information from the infected computer. Once it is installed, it also tries to load the configuration file and updated from the Internet.
Moreover, files of Zeus was created and customized by construction kit trojan, available online for cyber criminals. Zeus had spread malicious code for more than 74,000 in bank accounts of organisations such as Bank of America, NASA, Monster.com, ABC, Oracle …
Zeus Gameover (P2P)
Zeus Gameover is a variation of them Zeus. Ransomware works based on peer to peer botnet infrastructure. This code does not need to use the server Command and Control because the peer (the computer) are created in the network of the botnet can act as a Command and Control server independently.
In addition, the peer can download the commands or configuration files, it will then proceed to send the data stolen is to the malicious server. Zeus Gameover was contagious for about one million computers around the world.
SpyEye (Zeus)
SpyEye is malware, steal data (similar to Zeus). Malicious code created to steal money from your bank account online. SpyEye have the ability to steal bank account information, social security numbers and financial information can be used to access your bank account.
Ice IX (Zeus)
Ice IX is a modified version of the Zeus trojan, a notorious Bank, one of the most dangerous malicious code today. The cyber criminals use malicious code with the purpose of stealing your personal information and financial information, such as username, password for email or online banking account.
Citadel (Zeus)
Citadel appears after the infamous Zeus’s source code leak into the year 2011. With open source, the Citadel was reviewed and improved by the cyber criminals to attack different software.
Carberp (Zeus)
Carberp is also a trojan designed to help the bad guys steal personal information from online banking platforms to access on the infected computer. The behavior of this trojan is similar to other financial malware in them to Zeus.
However, it is capable of stealthy advance anti malware applications. Carberp can steal sensitive data from the infected machine and download the new data from the server controls and control.
Bugat (Zeus)
Bugat is a trojan is likely similar to Zeus, is used by the information technology crime to steal financial information. Bugat can communicate with the Command and Control servers, updated list of financial websites that it close and made a steal information. After that, the information collected will be sent to the remote server of the bad guys.
Shylock (Zeus)
Shylock is a malware of the Bank, was designed to get the user’s Bank certificate for bad purposes. Immediately after installed, Shylock to communicate with the Server Command and the Remote Control is controlled by the crime network, send and receive data to and from the infected computer.
Torpig (Zeus)
Torpig is a type of program sophisticated malicious software designed to collect sensitive information, such as your bank account and credit card information from the victim.
Torpig botnet network, which is under the control of online criminals, is the main means to send spam or steal personal information or bank account online. Torpig also used the DGA algorithm to generate a list of domain names and locate the Command and Control servers used by hackers.
Malicious software to encrypt data and displays a message that the data can be decrypted when the ransom in a limited period of time. Although CryptoLocker may be removed by the various security solutions, but there is no way to decrypt the file locked.

Add more incentives from E-Banking service for free

Personal customers using E-banking services of Techcombank will enjoy many incentives

From July 4-5, when to offer at the large branch of Techcombank will experience E-Banking service is free with the opportunity to receive one of 8,000 gifts are t-shirts or helmet (time details and a list of branch will be updated on website: www.techcombank.com.vn). This is the latest incentives are for customers, Techcombank after “free E-Banking program” was implemented last month from 9-2016 get a lot of positive support.

Not only has the gift part waiting for individual clients, using the E-banking service of Techcombank will enjoy many superior incentives, such as free of the entire online transaction costs in and out of Techcombank. Open free account management, and the use of E-Banking Services (details about the promotion, please contact our Callcenter (toll free) 1800 588 822; www.techcombank.com.vn or Vietnam Techcombank fanpage website). Quick money transfer free 24/7 through your account or other bank cards.
“E-banking program for free” has received positive feedback and bring joy to millions of customers who are using the online banking services of Techcombank. With the concept “Because sharing is happy”, the E-banking service of Techcombank always helps customers implement electronic payment transactions in a quick, convenient, and especially clients no longer have to worry about the cost. This is a good news for anyone who needs money transfers and payments regularly.

Payment on mobile, a new target of cybercrime

Female hands using mobile banking on smart phone

the latest report from Kaspersky jacket Vietnam showed for the first time, electronic financial threat is in the top 10 malicious programs designed to steal money.

Accordingly, two electronic banking trojan Faketoken line and Marcher that Kaspersky has just discovered are in the top 10 of the year 2015 Bank trojan.

These programs belonging to the Marcher-line specialized trojan steals your billing information from Android devices.

Meanwhile, the malicious program from Faketoken family operated with a trojan on the computer. Users tricked install applications on smartphone, this essentially block the confirmation code 1 (mTAN). Marcher just watched the launch 2 applications after infection the equipment: electronic banking application of European banking and Google Play. When users open Google Play, Marcher will show a fake window required to enter credit card information. Similar trojan is also used when the user uses the application to the Bank.

Malicious software is most used in the world before, ZeuS was the new malware is Dyzap/Dyreza/Dyre dethroned. More than 40% of the attack from the banking trojan made in 2015 is Dyreza using its effective way to infect the web to steal data and access to the online banking system.

Kaspersky Lab said: “in the year 2015, cyber criminals to focus time and resources on developing malicious programs on the mobile device. This is nothing strange, when millions of people around the world currently use smartphone for payment of goods and services. Based on current trends, we can conclude that, in the coming year, the number of malicious programs aimed at e-banking will even so much more “.

The Bank boosted tax payments Online

On 28-3, the Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) said it aims to raise the quality of service, increased utility for customers, the ACB has collaborated with the General Department of taxation to promote tax payment on the online bank-ACB Online with tax payment service called OTax.

With the utilities on, businesses only need to have your payment account in ACB can query and the payment of taxes with a simple and quick procedure, pay taxes anytime anywhere, even on vacation, holidays.

According to the Bank representatives, with the building program dedicated to the work of State budget revenues, the ACB of non-stop efforts to further increase the convenience of value for customers.
How to use Otax service as follows:
Access to the online banking of ACB (ACB Online): online.acb.com.vn;
Select the online tax: tax information query;
Register online: tax transaction commands in transactions recorded on the signing of the order transaction on the ACB Online.

Sacombank offers the best online bank 2016

Sacombank is the only bank to be voted in the category of good online banking services for 2016 (Best Use of Online Banking) in the framework of the retail banking Awards 2016 global (Global Retail Banking Awards) by magazine Retail Banker International (uk) recently hosted officials in London

The award is noted the achievements and best improvement, reflected the new trends in the banking industry (NH) retailers in the world in the past year.
Prestigious award
Awards the best online service NH for NH 2016 meets and far exceeds the business goals, have solid security network, success in promoting services of NH online with the criteria : the ability to increase sales, enhance customer experience, security control and fraudulent transactions.

Retail Banker International (uk) magazine is the leader in providing global news and in-depth analysis in the segment of NH retailers. Over the past 25 years, the magazine was viewed as reliable address provides the specialized information, review of the senior leadership in the area of NH precision, timely international. Awards NH global retail is Retail Banker International held periodically every year on a global scale. This year, besides the award of NH NH online services are best in 2016 was given for the Sacombank, Retail Banker International also awarded prizes in other categories 23 23 for the NH, financial institutions, non-financial worldwide such as Wells Fargo (USA) ING, (Netherlands), DBS (Singapore) … was voted the outstanding retail NH according to each continent, Bank of America was voted the NH global retail, Apple Pay was voted best breakthrough improvement, Alipay was voted online payment platform is best (for the non-NH) …
Personalize gadgets
Over the years, the field of NH, Sacombank also honor Awards NH favorite Vietnam electronics-My due 2014 Ebank VnExpress organized vote with the sponsor of the NH state. In addition, Sacombank also received the award of business group provides value added services in typical information technology awards-media HO CHI MINH CITY PEOPLE’S COMMITTEE of HO CHI MINH CITY held by 2015.
With the aim of maintaining the location of NH electronics favorite in Vietnam has been highly professional and are customers of Sacombank, has constantly improved and additional facilities to help customers can Transact with the NH safe , fast and wherever you are. In addition to the basic functions such as: transfer money in-out system, bill payment, credit card payment, mobile phone recharge, buy airline tickets, sale of Exchange …, service NH Sacombank electronic also offers many features, the preeminent utility geared to computer personalization , based on actual experience and the needs of the users such as: change the look by subject, money transfer to Visa cards, transfer money-getting by (cash at the ATM, do not need the card), recharge your phone/prepaid cards, automatic bill payment by credit card , buy prepaid card, open the online future deposits, securities and paid many other services …

Hacker attack on financial applications

Latest security report shows that hackers are concentrating on the financial sector aimed at appropriating the money.

Through the new survey for the security firm Kaspersky said Vietnam hackers around the world are focusing attacks on the financial sector to appropriating the money of the victim.

Results from the report on the development of the IT threats in Q2 also shows the number of financial software malicious code infection is increasing rapidly as the guys who created them are actively coordinating with each other. This can be seen through the combination of 2 trojan (spy software) is the largest bank of Gozi and Nymaim, both of which are top 10 toxic financial software.

Banking Trojan is still dangerous online threats. They penetrate through the site under attack, spam email and the transaction page fake online bank after it has infected users, in order to steal their personal information such as your account information , password or payment card information.

Trojan Nymain previously was designed as a dedicated data encryption, ransomware users who then ransom to unlock them. However, the latest version back including the function of a banking Trojan from the source code of Gozi, give the attacker remote access to computer systems. Gozi stood in second place with 3.8% users with security solutions detect the malicious software, meanwhile, stayed at Nymaim Friday with 1.9%. Also on trojan Zbot topped the list with 15.17% financial software users to malicious attack.

According to the data of the Kaspersky Lab, in quarter 2, Turkey became the country suffered a malware attack, Russia in second place, was the target of 2.9% of online threats, followed by Brazil with 2.6%. And it is likely that the Olympic Games 2016 will push Brazil into the list being attacked more in the third quarter.

Security experts recommended Vietnam users should perform the following tasks to avoid being attacked on finance:

• Use strong security solutions and ensure that the software is always up-to-date.

• Regular run scanning program to detect infection may appear.

• Be discerning when online. Do not enter personal information on the site that you are not sure or suspect.

Close monitoring of online banking transactions

Director of information technology, the State Bank Le Manh Hung said has asked credit organisations to deploy solutions that guide customers using online banking services, security and close monitoring to promptly detect the suspicious transactions, fraud …

According to Mr. Le Manh Hung, the last time the State Bank (SBV) regularly directs the credit institutions, institutions providing payment services and payment intermediary organizations to enhance the safety, security for the payment service.
In the NH services, besides the development of aim, the SBV also realize the potential risks from the network service provider. To ensure the safety of the information systems to provide services and for customers, the SBV has studied, issued several guidance documents related to deploy units of service NH electronics ensure safety.
SBV is also the regular clue receiving warnings about security vulnerabilities, the risk of loss of security of information technology systems from the institutions to the analysis, warning, directed the whole industry in unit test , reviewing and timely solution, avoid not to happen the phenomena of losing safe.

Regarding the recent incident when the cardholder, the account owner was leaked the information when online transactions, no transactions were still losing money and network security crime increase marks, Mr. Le Manh Hung said the SBV had written warnings about attacking crime situation the information technology system and the requirement to ensure safety, security for online payment services.
Accordingly, credit institutions, institutions providing payment services and payment intermediary institutions have to focus test, review the ATM network; proactive monitoring, timely information is the reflection of public opinion about the problems arising for ATM operations of the unit. Solution guide customers using services of NH online safety, security. Closely monitor the transactions to timely detect suspicious transaction, frauds based on the determination of time, geographical location, frequency of transactions, transaction amount, number of times wrong authentication rules … to proactively prevent , warning to customers.
SBV requires the units assigned directly to 24/7 officers monitor, monitor activities and of the information technology system important to promptly detect and handle the security flaw, the unauthorized access , the attack (if any).
Information Technology Bureau leader also said that the service was electronic and NH will is the development trend of the service in the future. And to use the services of NH electronics, customers need security information on name, password login services NH. Not provide the above information for any object (including the NH staff) via phone, email, social networking …
Protect your phone or mobile device when using the device for the NH services online such as: install software to prevent malicious code; set authentication when accessed with a password or fingerprint.

ACB shaking hands with MoMo promote mobile payment

(NLĐO)-Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) and M_Service company (owner of MoMo brand) signed a strategic cooperation to promote mobile payment in Vietnam.

Accordingly, customers can use electronic banking channels ACB ACB’s Online can make the link with the ACB account For MoMo to experience the shopping features and payment with just a touch on the smart phone application MoMo of his own.
This strategic partnership is that the efforts of the ACB and MoMo help users reach the shopping form, payments to save time and boost spending habits don’t use cash. Specifically, on the online banking channel ACB Online, the ACB’s clients only need a single account linked to the ACB For MoMo is able to load, withdraw cash free of charge from For MoMo to ACB account and vice versa.
As soon as the link is successful, easily choosing the source of money for shopping and payment of more than 200 daily utility services on MoMo as buy movie tickets, plane tickets, bus tickets, e-Voucher of NhomMua payments, consumer loans paying The Coffe House, Gogi, Kichi Kichi, pay can tho co.op Mart supermarket LotteMart, District 7, paying taxi … The application also reminds the payment rate constant MoMo, essential services such as electricity, water, internet, cable tv, telephone help customers always pay on time.

Ms. Le Van Anh, Deputy Director of Carved blocks of individual client cum head of electronic banking (ACB), said the customers only need to have your payment account in the ACB, the link for will be done quickly on the ACB Online. Cooperation links between the ACB and the payment account For MoMo will bring many benefits, convenience and quick for the customer in the payment is not cash.
Meanwhile, Nguyen Manh Tuong, Deputy General Director of MoMo, said with the desire to minimize the risks, inconvenience of cash form, MoMo effort created a mobile payment form, fit and modern social trend. Customers can skip the traditional wallet back home and out on the street with the smartphone to go to the supermarket, drinking coffee or see the entertainment, food and drink …
According to experts, the development trend and the explosion of the fintech companies (company business financial services based on technology platforms) are competing with the banking industry. But in fact, besides the confrontation and competition, many banks have chosen cooperation trends to exploit maximum benefits for customers.
He Played from advancing, Deputy General Director of ACB, also see, the ACB chose to shake hands with a company like fintech Momo to help the ACB to better serve its customers in the region where remote areas where banking network have yet to reach.

Online banking service (I2B Wholesale)

General introduction
You, you and you have the diverse financial needs meet? Go to the online banking services of VPBank support you. Whether you are where and whenever, just have the computer connected to the internet, you can completely make the work on the easy way, quickly.
Benefits | Frequently asked questions | Contact
Online banking service large corporate clients give the customer a lot of Add-ons. Use the online banking service large corporate clients, clients can perform almost all banking transactions, including:
VPBank internal money transfers
Inter-bank transfers
International money transfer
Recurring payment
Bill payment
Payment of wages according to the list
Single wage payment
Domestic and foreign payments in batches
Investigation of online transactions
Query information
In particular, the online bank of VPBank apply digital signature technology (CA), modern technology and the best security available today.

Save time: businesses save more time than getting to the Bank for the transaction.
Cost savings: only with the computer has Internet access, easy to use business online banking without setting any compatible software. Fee incentives for online transactions
User-friendly interface and easy to use
High security: the Bank Is a pioneer in the use of digital signature technology, online banking for large KHDN ensures the business will secure about security when making the transaction.

BIDV Online-the online banking services for individuals

BIDV Online is the online banking services of the BANK is to help individuals manage accounts and perform transactions with the BANK via the Internet or on Mobile applications without the need to go to the trading Desk.
Now, customers can access the service through BIDV Online application installed on your mobile device or the web browser on mobile, Tablet PCs to experience the convenience of room service.

1. the remarkable utility:
-Transactions anywhere, anytime over the Internet, or download applications through the Mobile without the need to Bank
-Security safe with two-factor authentication system
-More features to transfer money online, paid utilities, send money online to save time and increase operational efficiency to manage your personal account.
2. product features:
-Use objects: customers are individuals who Vietnam or alien Member payment deposit in VND at the BANK.
-Two packages of services: financial or non financial Package.
-BANK Services Online features:
Quick money transfer: to transfer the money in the BANK/money transfer system in water/fast money transfer 24/7/interbank funds transfer orders on the future (banks list see here)
Send/withdraw money Online with attractive interest rates: term deposit online with higher interest rate 0.1% versus the USD interest rates typically in the transaction (term of under 12 months); Online term withdrawals each part or all parts
Bill payment
Each payment times: money, money, water, telecommunication charges, ADSL, air tickets, recharge your phone all the telecommunication network in Vietnam, Ph electronic wallet Refill Mart, VTC Pay-per-view, Cyber Pay; Load the card game of VinaGame, Guide, Mcash, Gate, …
Periodic payment order: water, electricity, telecommunication, television (VTV Cab), tuition. (The list of service providers, please refer to here)
Sale of foreign currency Online: allows the customer to have an individual payments in foreign currency in the BANK is made to sell foreign currencies, USD on your account at the BANK in the period from 8:30 to 16:30 on working with transaction rate is the rate of listed on the www.bidv.com.vn website. The currency the customer may sell include all money purchase transfer listed on the website of the BANK and according to the forms TODAY (on transfer of money coincides with the transaction).
Lookup information: punches the payment account, deposit, loan, checkbook; News Advisory Bank information (fees, exchange rate, interest rate).
Other add-ons: request account statements issued, cheque, credit card, ATM card; Request loan disbursements, repayments on loans, loan registration online; Investigation request money order
3. conditions of registration and how to register
+ Client do not have an account at the BANK: please go to branches/offices to sign up for the service. The records include: ID CARD/passport validity
+ Client has had an account at the BANK: register online at https://ebank.bidv.com.vn/DKNHDT/
Registration Guide online here.
+ Client transfer package for the BANK to Finance African Online BANK Online at Financial transactions or online at https://ebank.bidv.com.vn/DKNHDT/